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Feed me up, Scotty!

RSS feeds for arbitrary websites, using CSS selectors. Feed me up, Scotty! is:

  • straightforward to set up.
  • runs on GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, or wherever floats your boat.
  • uses an actual browser to fetch data.

Here's an example config:

[funfacts]title = "Wikipedia — did you know?"url = ""entrySelector = "#mp-dyk > ul li"titleSelector = "b"linkSelector = "b a"
[wikivoyage]title = "Wikivoyage recommendations"url = ""entrySelector = ".jcarousel-wrapper .jcarousel-item"titleSelector = "h2"linkSelector = "h2 a"

…which turns into funfacts.xml and wikivoyage.xml.

Learn more about the configuration file, or set up automatic feed generation using GitHub or GitLab.